How to Fix Disapproved Products in Google Merchant Center

Google Feed Optimization — Clean Data Feeds

When taking over a new Google Ads account, one of our primary objectives is to reduce the number of disapproved products in Google Merchant Center to less than 1%.

By only submitting products that meet the minimum requirements, we aim to signal to Google that we are adhering to the standards. When multiple products are rejected, this sends negative signals to Google, hindering our campaign's effectiveness.

How can I fix Merchant Center errors?

đŸš« Does a significant amount of your product feed fail to meet the quality criteria? If so, what is the quality of the remaining feed? Just imagine going to a supermarket and 50% of the items are spoiled or damaged.

đŸš« Google favors your competitors? It is likely that they currently deliver higher quality product listings.

đŸš« Often it's not just an isolated problem that leads to articles being rejected. A trivial error, in the language shipping configuration, quickly masks actual errors such as incorrect prices, poor translations or 404 product pages. However, these can lead to countries being blocked completely.


➡ Reducing the number of rejected products to below 3% is easily achieved. The only legitimate reason not to achieve this, would be technical website problems. Regardless, a quick solution is paramount, as all marketing channels are impacted by these errors.

Why we don't aim for a 0% rejection rate for products? It's simple: Google continuously refines their list of possible errors (that sometimes don't exist). Therefore, it is often unachievable to eliminate all errors.


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